A Disturbing Delivery, Now Panic Attacks, Could it be PTSD from Giving Birth?


A Disturbing Delivery, Now Panic Attacks, Could it be PTSD from Giving Birth?

Stacy Biscardi went into the hospital with her “ideal birth plan” in mind. An uneventful pregnancy led her to expect a similar delivery. In this article, she explains how a sudden drop in her son's heart rate and his turning in the wrong direction “derailed” her birth plan. The frenzy of activity in the delivery room...the sudden switch from a...[ read more ]

Parenting Pages: Parenting in a First-Generation Latinx Family

Written by Yvette I call my daughter’s name to get her attention from across the room. She turns to face me and runs toward me with a smile “¿Qué Mamí?”, she responds. I smile back at her and thank her for coming to me and proceed to prompt her to wash her hands because dinner will be ready soon. She...[ read more ]

Parenting Pages: I’m angry.

I’m angry. “Why?”, you ask. Maybe it’s the unfair expectations that this pandemic has put on all moms, but from my lens, working moms. Maybe it’s that I feel a constant need to meet the unrealistic expectations of motherhood that are thrown at me left and right. But today, specifically, I am mad at the system. When I was obtaining...[ read more ]

Greater Risk, Fewer Diagnoses: How are BIPOC Women with PPD often overlooked?

Rooted in Harmony Counseling wants to speak to the lives, realities, and experiences of all of our mamas. We have written about postpartum depression in the blog posts here and here. Postpartum depression is a severe, long-lasting form of depression that about 14% or 1 in 7 women experience after giving birth. Please take a look at these posts for...[ read more ]

Am I suffering from postpartum adoption depression?

Am I suffering from postpartum adoption depression?  My greatest joy of adopting turned to sadness. It happens. Often. Up to 25% of all adoptive parents suffer a form of depression. You might see the term postpartum adoption depression or post-adoption depression.     One of your dreams, being a parent, becomes a reality. You might even be ashamed at your response:...[ read more ]

Surviving single mom postpartum life:  Advice from women who know

My mom is a big fan!  After reading my blogs, she encouraged me to talk about motherhood, postpartum life from a single mom’s perspective.  She was a single mom, so she knows the joys and the struggles.  Single mommas, we see you! We are hoping that seeing how other women coped, survived and thrived will boost your confidence of living...[ read more ]

Transitioning From Baby #1 to Baby #2: How to Cope and Enjoy Life

You call your firstborn over to feel the tiny feet of your soon-to-be-born as they kick wildly. Your child marvels at the feet “sticking through your belly.” You recall to them the story of how they came into the world. Your child runs off and continues playing with their Legos. Yet, you're stuck back at that moment. All of the...[ read more ]

One in Eight Hearts Break for a Child


One in Eight Hearts Break for a Child  That’s 7.3 million American people who have difficulties conceiving. A couple is classified as experiencing infertility if they have been unable to become pregnant after over a year of unprotected sex (if they are under 35) or 6 months of unprotected sex (if they are over 35). That means that anyone can...[ read more ]

Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex

Breastfeeding and sad, depressed, anxious feelings. What do new moms know better than doctors? Alia Macrina Heise knew something wasn’t right with the way her body responded around the “letdown” of milk.  She had breastfed before; this was her third child.  Yet, she was baffled by what she was feeling.  Postpartum depression was not responsible; she knew that for sure....[ read more ]

Parenting Pages: The Duality of the Working Mom

I believe that it’s valuable to represent the highs and lows that Motherhood entails. Motherhood isn’t always the curated photos you see scrolling through social media. It’s messy, it’s tough, it’s joy you’ve never experienced before, and it’s life altering.  Welcome to my corner of the internet, Parenting Pages, where I share with you my unedited experiences of parenting. It’s...[ read more ]